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Company Watch


This month, Raul Castanon-Martinez, Senior Analyst at 451 Research gives his take on Magpi, a provider of configurable, cloud-based mobile data collection and communication applications for the enterprise. More »

Editors Pick

What Apple didn't say....
This week Kenny Fraser gives his take on the recent Apple announcement. More »

Mobility Spotlight

Mobile wallets continue to be a hot topic and now the latest round of rumours has Apple, Facebook, Visa, MasterCard, and others set to leverage their global footprint to control our wallets in the future. This month Adam Sivell covers the what, how, why, and who of mobile wallets. More ยป

App Watch


This month David Copeland gives his thoughts on Apple's recent Keynote and what it will mean to those in the enterprise space. More »

Use the Mobile App Mix to Choose an Enterprise App Store Strategy

This new Gartner research report offers recommendations on how to choose an enterprise app store strategy and looks at the key challenges enterprises face when deciding on an enterprise app store. More

Manufacturing &
Logistics IT

Welcome to our Special Reports section courtesy of Manufacturing & Logistics IT. As part of our remit to offer the best possible resource and community online we have signed up with Manufacturing & Logistics IT and you can now get direct access to their relevant special reports here. More »


Our selection of Enterprise Mobility blogs we think are worth looking at. More »

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Selected Case Study

Selected Case Study

Gautham Pandiyan draws our attention to an iBeacon success story. 28 of 30 ballparks now have iBeacon and fan check-ins have doubled with these, helping MLB push merchandise coupons, seat upgrades and more. More »

Yankee Group

Leveraging the capabilities of smartphones and mobile apps for user engagement and responsiveness is not new to the enterprise, although it has been evident primarily in the world of B2C apps. That's about to change as a new wave of messaging apps for the enterprise takes aim at the world of B2B and B2E. More »