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Company Watch


Market requirements have changed dramatically since BlackBerry was the top choice for IT decision-makers. Raul Castanon-Martinez, Senior Analyst at 451 Research looks at how Blackberry is targeting the enterprise to claw back it's share of the global smartphone market. More »

Editors Pick

Climbing to the summit
This week Kenny Fraser looks forward to The Web Summit, taking place next week in Dublin, in particular the dedicated Enterprise Summit which sits within the main event. More »

Mobility Spotlight

While the ongoing cycle of releasing new models of hardware and software every few months is a proven part of Apple's success, it is increasingly forcing other organisations to be more agile in their approach to application management. More »

App Watch


David Copeland concentrates this month on what is good about iOS 8 and what can make our working days significantly more productive. More »

Use the Mobile App Mix to Choose an Enterprise App Store Strategy

This new Gartner research report offers recommendations on how to choose an enterprise app store strategy and looks at the key challenges enterprises face when deciding on an enterprise app store. More

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Logistics IT

Welcome to our Special Reports section courtesy of Manufacturing & Logistics IT. As part of our remit to offer the best possible resource and community online we have signed up with Manufacturing & Logistics IT and you can now get direct access to their relevant special reports here. More »


Our selection of Enterprise Mobility blogs we think are worth looking at. More »

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Selected Case Study

Selected Case Study

This month Gautham Pandiyan takes a look a look at Managed Mobility Services (sometimes referred to as Enterprise Mobility Management) in action.
More »

Yankee Group

Leveraging the capabilities of smartphones and mobile apps for user engagement and responsiveness is not new to the enterprise, although it has been evident primarily in the world of B2C apps. That's about to change as a new wave of messaging apps for the enterprise takes aim at the world of B2B and B2E. More »